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PTI Office in Rabwah Photo File 1200x675

PTI inaugurated its office in Qadiani center Rabwah

In the Punjabi Chiniot district’s Rabwah, Chenab Nagar, a PTI Tehseel office was opened.The office of Syed Hasan Nawaz Shah, president of Larian, was officially opened at Chenab Nagar’s Chamanabad…



How can your Gmail account be secured?

According to Forbes, Gmail is actively used by almost 1.8 billion people. As a result, malevolent actors are…

Google Gmail Account Photo FIle 1200x675

The Easiest way to protect your Google Gmail Account. Photo: FIle



Red Giant Mases

Two New Low-Mass Red Giant Classes Have Been Discovered

Red giants are evolved stars that have converted all of the hydrogen in their cores to helium through nuclear fusion and are now burning hydrogen in their shells. These stars begin to burn the helium in their cores as they…


Polio Vaccination by Polio worker Photo Reuters 1200x675

Polio virus paralyses another child in KPK Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The wild polio viruses continues to paralyses another six-month old child in South Waziristan, now the total number of polio affected cases reached to 19 this year. A small child belonging to village Paryatt of UC Manthoi…


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Ariana in Oscars show

These Oscars happy moments should not be forgotten

Though a particular slap heard around the world may have stolen the show, the Academy Awards this year were full of joyous and even tear-jerking moments.Here are all the amazing Oscars moments you won’t want to miss, from Troy Kotsur’s…